ShopReporter Admin System Requirements EN

ShopReporter Admin App für Apple Smartphones und Tablets. Abruf von Daten für die Shopsoftware der Firmen xt:Commerce GmbH und Gambio GmbH.– all Versions of Gambio GmbH (2005, 2006, 2007 Profi, GX 1, GX 2 and GX3)

– all Versions of xt:Commerce GmbH

Version 3: up to the last Version v3.0.4 SP 2.1, all Variations like xtcModified, ECB, etc.
Version 4: Start!, Professional+, Web, Basic, Starter, CE Community Edition, Professional, Merchant, ULTIMATE etc. (all with 1 Domain as Licence Key)

– all Versions of OSCommerce Online Merchant (v2.2.x, v2.3.x and v3.x)

PHP-Version for all systems: < v7.0.x